Attention there, Ridley Scott is calling!

Ridley Scott as producer, and Kevin McDonald as director in the end-credits of a film might give out the impression of the next summer blockbuster from Hollywood. For Life in a Day the Box Office results might still go the same way, but there is a slight twist in the script.

Directors of critically acclaimed films like Gladiator and The Last King of Scotland (Scott and McDonald respectively) are all set to collaborate and make a documentary film out of videos submitted by lay-users on video sharing site YouTube. News reports reveal that “the documentary, called Life in a Day, will select footage from 20 people around the world who capture moments of their daily lives on July 24. They will be credited as co-directors on the film and flown to its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival held in January.”

Liberation of content control from big-ass studios like Fox & Universal, despite the presence of stalwarts like Scott & McDonald is a welcome change in the matrix of multi-billion $ global film industry. What we have here is two established names taking some time off from their hectic lives and doing something adventure, for what one presumes is a noble cause of unearthing new talent through the web. The method is modern, the medium is liberating and the ‘product’ (for the absence of a better word!) that will come out would most probably be fairly kick-ass. Here’s for a life-altering beginning!

To participate, YouTube users must upload their footage here.

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