The Scope of ChangeScope

We have inherited a world that has been fractured and fragmented by war, violence and conflicts. Distrust, Discord, Dubiety seem to be the  ruling deities of this god-forsaken planet. The rhetoric and discourse of humanity and a shared universe has been completely over-written by shallow and narrow narratives of language, nation, religion and a multitude of ‘us & them’ doctrines.

  How do we change this overwhelming sense of bleakness? How do we alter the scheme of things? As individuals in isolation we might not even create a dent. But as a movement in unison we surely can spread the message of peace, of love, of prosperity.

We choose to follow the avenues that lead to creative dialogues and cultural exchange. Music & Cinema are our patron Gods: they are also the only remnant language that is truly universal and above and beyond all fissures and frictions.

ChangeScope is a platform, a network, a common ground to hear and be heard, to see and be seen.
We invite all fellow music and cinema enthusiasts, practitioners, participants and lovers to come together and be a part of the celebration: of a common humanity and a shared universe.