Bollywood opens up to nudity

The essential hypocrisy that Bollywood & India’s censor board have shown when it comes to on-screen nudity has been quite frustrating and mostly absurd. But the scissor happy puritanical souls at the censor board too an off this week as debutante Pravesh Bharadwaj's Mr Singh Mrs Mehta was released with more than its share of scenes depicting “female nudity”, It is another thing that the film has been panned by the critics, but the fact that the censor board has accepted the fact that nudity can be part of the narrative of a film is good news for film lovers. One hopes this precedent goes a long way in empowering Indian filmmakers in translating their dreams on celluloid as they wanted it to be.

Imagine what Stanley Kubrick would have done had some censor babu asked him to cut the “objectionable scenes” from Eyes Wide Shut.

  1. Veteran Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna passed due to cancer in Mumbai this morning.

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